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A Peer Network for Business Owners with a Diversity of Members

From professional and service firms to manufacturing and distribution companies, contractors and construction companies, TAB’s peer network for business owners represents the perspective, insights and ideas of 3,000 business owners to drive your business to the next level. TAB members in Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Fountain Valley improve business results by sharing business ideas, strategies, tactics and business experiences in unique business groups – all to achieve greater success.

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Samuel Kim

Samuel is the President of SQLA a landscape design and build company based in Brea CA. SQLA has been in business for almost 30 years. Working mostly in the commercial space Samuel and his team have hundreds of completed projects throughout the Los Angeles market.

Patrick Andersen

Patrick is the CEO of Magellan Architecture in Huntington Beach CA. Magellan focuses on primarily commercial design. Patrick and his team are growing like wildfire due to their terrific level of customer service and world class design.

John Pennar

John is the CEO of Valbridge Property Advisors in Fullerton CA. Valbridge is the largest group of commercial property appraisers in the industry. John also is the author of the Penner Expense guide that is widely used by commercial appraisers, property owners and lending institutions.

Rodney Jerabek

Rodney is the CEO of Five Pawns the worlds leading brand of e-cig liquid. Five Pawns has created the only premium line of e-cig liquid on the market and is a thought leader for the industry.

Jimmy Chan

Jimmy is the CEO of Carry Out Supplies. COS controls the majority of the packaging and supplies needed for the soft serve yogurt industry. COS also provides custom packaging and printing for all aspects of the Quick Serve and Carry Out industry. They are now moving into several new verticals and the future is very bright.

William (Billy) Paige

Billy is the CEO of Alliance Auto Group  and leader in the luxury car share industry. AAG is now moving into a new vertical, which is the new division of “Urban Car Share”. UCS provides vehicles that can be rented by the hour, day, week or month to the residents of under served markets through out the Los Angeles Market. It is a very unique model that I’m thrilled to be helping to launch.

Cecilia Castro

Cecilia is the CEO of Havainas California. Havaianas is the worlds most recognized brand of all natural flip flops. Cecilia has now opened her second location in Laguna Beach which is the first of many more expansion locations.